III Teaching and Supervision


spilling all over the place: an anthology of feminist detective fiction written by some of my graduate  students.

I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in Gender Studies at Memorial University. I have also given guest lectures for the M.Phil. (Humanities) program, the Division of Community Health and Humanities (Faculty of Medicine), Department of History, and flute and chamber music masterclasses at the School of Music.

In Gender Studies, I teach courses at all undergraduate and graduate levels, with a particular interest in feminist theory, life writing, and bodies. I favour an interactive teaching style and arts-based evaluation methods.

I am currently co-supervising 5 Master of Gender Studies students. They are working on a range of projects from trans women and everyday health to online queer fandoms, histories of knitting, and the films of Julie Dash.  I also serve on the doctoral supervisory committee of a student in English who is working on masculinities in Newfoundland literature.

Graduate students I have co-supervised and who have now completed their degrees have researched everything from nineteenth-century fallen women poetry to the trans performances of Nina Arseneault, tattooing and spiritual identity, doulas and doula work, maternal pleasure, fat politics, body mapping and constructions of femininity, and slave narratives.

Many have gone on to pursue doctoral work in a range of fields, from English (Oxford) and Community Health (Toronto), to Nursing (Western), and Feminist Studies (Western). Others have pursued professional qualifications (law degrees) or established careers in a variety of fields, including communications, body mapping, events planning and consulting, and more in their local communities.


with graduate students Zaren Healey White, Gina Snooks, and Alyse Stuart, 2015.

Way back in my University of British Columbia days, I was fortunate enough to work with these two doctoral flute students. Suzanne Snizek (DMA 2011) is now Associate Professor of Music at the University of Victoria. Mark McGregor, meanwhile, maintains an active performance schedule across Canada and teaches at the Vancouver Academy of Music.